Authentic Leather Jackets

Handmade. Original.

Since 1988

Leather Jackets

Be Original. Be Seen. Be You.

Leather Jackets

Be Timeless. Be Dashing. Be You.

Our Bond with Leather

We’re in love with leather. Our philosophy, everything looks great in leather. Credit goes to our generation-long heritage, nobody makes as authentic leather jackets like we do. We know leather inside out, from its texture, weight, softness to resistance and durability.

Our story

Leather Artistry
You get 3 generations of leather artistry and craftsmanship. We’ve been perfecting the art of making finest leather jackets for years.

We think about a hundred times before selecting leather and other raw material for jackets, in a way, we’re extremely picky and obsessed with leather.

Our designs, fitting and cuts keep you ahead of the fashion curve. You never go out of style, rather you get better and shine even more with time.

You are born different, a unique soul and carry your very own fashion DNA. You deserve a bespoke timeless jacket, that’s the very reason we created this leather brand.

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