A great leather jacket is simply a must for a complete wardrobe, and it is in search for this that TLCFashion was brought to life. It all began with a group of friends at the market looking for a chic leather jacket to add to complete their wardrobe.

Choosing between an exorbitantly priced product and fast fashion was no longer an option. Purchasing high-end fashion brands meant spending over a $500 on a single product whereas buying a fast-fashion product meant no durability. Could we not have any other options to choose from?

After delving into the world of leather outwear and doing thorough research, we discovered that there were several reasons for leather outwear to be so highly priced. Those reasons turned out to be long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers, retailers in addition to expensive marketing campaigns. This allowed us to deduce that in actual, only a very small amount of the cost went into the product itself.

We realized that the obstacles faced… DID have solutions. Our goal was simple: to produce a high-quality leather jacket at an affordable price. Thus, TLCFashion was created so that we could give our consumers the very best that they deserve.

By putting great thought and effort into the process, we discovered several methods to minimize the production cost and deliver high-quality leather jackets at a reasonable price. The way we did this was by eliminating nonessential expenses and by designing and producing them in-house. Furthermore, we made use of just-in-time production and sold directly to our consumers rather than going through the long supply chain of distributors.

We are very familiar with the exhilarating feeling that one gets by wearing an amazing leather jacket and in our opinion, everybody has the right to experience that.